TED BED: Elevating Hotel Comfort with 30 Years of Expertise in European Mattresses and Beds


Welcome to TED BED, a renowned European mattress and beds manufacturer with an impressive 30-year legacy in the contract business. With an extensive track record of supplying over 500 hotels and holiday establishments across Europe, TED BED has become a trusted name in the industry. Specializing in mattresses, toppers, bed bases, boxspring beds, handcrafted headboards, and various bedding accessories, TED BED caters to a diverse range of establishments, from luxurious 5-star hotels to budget accommodations.

Quality Assurance: As a certified producer, TED BED places a strong emphasis on quality assurance. The company ensures full FR compliance, holds OEKO-TEX certification, provides quality test reports according to international standards from independent laboratories, and conducts in-house lab tests. TED BED is committed to delivering excellence, offering a wide range of sizes, including zipper link options for joining single mattresses and non-standard sizes for campers and cruise ships.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Confidence in Quality: Employing cutting-edge technology and leveraging their understanding of the contract business, TED BED expresses unwavering confidence in the quality of their products. The company’s commitment to quality is reflected in the exceptional warranty terms offered on all their products.

The Importance of Beds in Hotel Rooms: In every hotel room, the bed takes center stage as the central piece of furniture. TED BED understands the significance of three key characteristics that every hotel bed should possess: comfort, an attractive design, and excellent durability. Given the heavy customer usage expected in the contract business, durability is of paramount importance.

Focus on Comfort: To guarantee superb comfort, TED BED focuses on hybrid constructions that combine cutting-edge support technologies, such as the pocket 1000 spring unit system. This system, paired with cushioning layers, creates a pressure-relieving surface. To ensure excellent stability and prevent deformations when sitting on the mattress edge, TED BED incorporates edge support frames at the borders.

The Bed Base: A Crucial Element of Comfort: Turning attention to the bed base, TED BED highlights its importance in defining the overall comfort of the bed. Whether opting for a standard bed base or choosing the luxurious boxspring base, TED BED ensures that each hotel bed offers an experience that guests would want to take home. The company’s commitment to user-friendly assembly means that no tools are required – simply use the locking mechanism on the bases or the railings for adjusting the headboard.

Promise of Excellent Service: TED BED takes pride in its dedicated team of experts who promise excellent service to clients. From addressing specific requests to ensuring quick production times and providing flexible delivery options directly to the end user, TED BED is committed to making the entire process seamless for their valued clients.

In the realm of hotel accommodations, TED BED stands as a symbol of quality, comfort, and durability. With over three decades of experience, the company continues to create dream places, elevating the guest experience through meticulously crafted mattresses, bed bases, and accessories. TED BED’s unwavering commitment to excellence positions it as a reliable partner for hotels seeking to offer a memorable and comfortable stay for their guests

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