Exceptional Guest Experiences: Bulgaria’s Top Hotels Revealed for the Second Year


In a testament to exceptional guest experiences, the best hotels in Bulgaria have been unveiled through a comprehensive rating system. For the second consecutive year, the Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia claims the top spot, closely followed by the Voya Beach Resort in Sveti Vlas.

The full list, available at BestHotels.bg/ranking, showcases a diverse range of outstanding hotels. Notable mentions include Plovdiv’s Este Park and Jagerhof hotels, Casa di Fiore Spa & Medical in Kranevo, Wave Resort near Pomorie, Kashmir Wellness & Spa in Velingrad, and Aqua Spa Hotel Zlatograd,.

Best five-star city hotel: Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia – See rankings

Best five-star spa hotel: Casa Di Fiore Spa & Medical (Kranevo) – See rankings

Best five-star seaside hotel: Voya Beach Resort (Sveti Vlas) – See rankings

Best five-star mountain hotel: Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena (Bansko) – See rankings

Best four-star city hotel: Este Park (Plovdiv) – See rankings

Best four-star spa hotel: Aqua Spa Hotel Zlatograd – See rankings

Best four-star seaside hotel: Continental (Golden Sands) – See rankings

Best four-star mountain hotel: Rila Borovets – See rankings

Best four-star leisure hotel: Wine and Spa Hotel Chukara (Tryavna) – See rankings

Best three-star city hotel: Plovdiv City Center – See rankings

Best three-star spa hotel: Saint George Spa Complex (Baldevo village) – See rankings

Best three-star seaside hotel: Boutique Apart Hotel Versis (Sunny Beach) – See rankings

Best three-star mountain hotel: Dafovska (Pamporovo) – See rankings

Best three-star leisure hotel: 103 Alpine (Panichishte) – See rankings

About the HotScore™ indicator:

The only rating in Bulgaria focusing exclusively on guest experience is determined by the unique HotScore™ (Hotel Score) indicator. At the end of each calendar year, hotels receive their HotScore™ based on user satisfaction, incorporating ratings and reviews from major international platforms. This index, measured on a scale of 0 to 100, offers a comprehensive view of guest satisfaction.

These rankings and the HotScore™ indicator serve as invaluable tools for travelers seeking exceptional experiences. With a commitment to guest satisfaction, these hotels stand out in providing memorable stays.

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