Hotel Plamena Palace – not just an oridinary hotel


The most long-awaited period of the year – summer months by the sea! We focus on the importance of the time for relaxation, enjoying the moments by the sea, bathing under the sun lights by taking care about body and mind fulfilment. We do hospitality.

Our mission is to create harmony and satisfaction by lovely atmosphere, good quality and healthy food, cleanliness and perfection of the hospitality. Just 200m away from the beach, Hotel Plamena Palace is located in one of the most magnificent parts of the Black Sea Coast.

Discovering the gorgeousness of the sea in early morning or exploring the sunrise from you room

balcony, rimming into the endless blue will bounce your energy level. Enjoying rich and yummy breakfast will prepare you for flawless and thrilling day experience.  

Comfortable and cozy premises

Our rooms create comfort by simplicity. Spacious rooms await you, where you can rest, work or indulge in “doing nothing” – whatever you choose, we will make sure that you don’t miss anything! They are suitable both for singles and couples or families with children, younger and older – on our site one can find the most suitable option for accommodation.

Children’s playroom

Entertaining children to enjoy peace and happiness is an essential part of our hotel life… In the children’s playroom along with other facilities on the territory of the hotel, your little ones will have fun while you relax by the pool, in the restaurant or with a drink in the lobby bar or by the pool.

Lobby Bar and Pool Bar

One of the advantages of the sea is that there is no wrong time for a cocktail! Morning, lunch or evening – you can always cool off with a favorite drink prepared especially for you by the bartenders. Even easier to enjoy it by the pool – comfortable and easy way to relaxation with the pool bar, you don’t even have to get up from the lounger!

A cozy restaurant with a delicious menu and local craft beer

One of the things we are most proud of is the restaurant, with it’s delicious menu. Most of the vegetables and fruits come from our gardens, the dairy and meat products are carefully selected, and the fish is always fresh from our Black Sea. The pearl in our crown is the craft beer from our own brewery River Craft Beer – we offer several different types for every taste, fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized – come and try them!

Sports and Tennis courts

Yoga, Pilates, jogging, walking, cycling or of any kind you like, Hotel Plamena Palace is a good starting point to nourish your wellbeing surrounded by the beauty and vitality of the nature. For all keen on tennis – our courts are at your disposal. If you haven’t tried playing tennis before, don’t worry – we also have an experienced coach who will help you take the first steps in tennis. If you are an experienced tennis player or just want to diversify the beach with some sport, that’s an impeccable way to do it.

Other amenities and services

We strongly believe that no matter how much a person travels, comfort is the most precious and cherished feeling – so we want you not to miss anything while you are with us. We offer many other services and amenities and will take care for everything you need. Plamena Palace is not just an ordinary hotel, the people there will do more than you expect with an attitude and gratitude during your stay.

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