Vizualiza Residense: Where History Whispers and the Future Unfolds in the Heart of Plovdiv


History & Heritage:

The restoration of the once-famous Eagle tobacco factory is a vivid example of how the past can live on in the future. Our guests will be part of the multi-layered urban legend of a utopian building, told in the center of one of the oldest, still vibrant cities in the world.

Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Luxury

Hotel Vizualiza Residense offers 40 elegantly furnished rooms and suites designed to focus on the needs of both tourists and business travelers. Our friendly staff and professional service create a sense of comfort following the highest standards of hospitality.

Destination for Forward-Thinking Travelers

Set in the heart of Plovdiv, the oldest living city in Europe, Vizualiza  Residence is a revived boutique hotel filled with an enchanted history, distinguished  architecture  of the 19th-century and a visionary future.

Inspyred by art and culture, novelty and comfort, Vizualiza is a pioneer in true modern hospitality. A destination for the forward-thinking traveler.

Love Story on a Plate: A Culinary Adventure at Valere Restaurant

Described by many as a “feast for both the palate and eyes”.  Head chefs and their team are there to ensure that all  your  gastronomical needs are well taken care of.

Valere Restaurant offers a carefully curated seasonal French and European-inspired menu coupled with an exquisite wine selection, promoting world-class fine dining in a trendy relaxing atmosphere.

Described by many as a “feast for both the palate and eyes”, both head chefs and their teams are there to ensure that all your gastronomical needs are well taken care of.

Melissa is from Lima, Peru and Todor is from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. They have the same passion for the culinary arts, which brought them together working in the kitchen of a famous Michelin-star restaurant in California. They are not only in love with their jobs but they ended up falling in love with each other.

After a few years of chasing every chef’s dream of global culinary adventures working for the best restaurants and world-renowned head chefs, they decided to return to Todor’s hometown and create their own masterpiece.     

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